About Us

TVCCA is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency, incorporated in 1965. We are well recognized as a community leader – and partner – in advocating for and meeting the needs of the region’s economically and otherwise disadvantaged citizens.


Strategies to Realize Our Mission

We have identified four strategies that are intended to guide our actions so that we realize our mission. Each of our programs has been aligned with at least one of these strategies, thereby making each program’s purpose and direction clear in the larger scheme.


Annual Report Head Start Community Needs Assessment Community Action Plan


Become an innovative, respected and inspiring leader in building our community’s capacity.


Build a diverse group of leaders from within the community who are committed to ending poverty.


Build community capacity so all people have sufficient resources for a healthy, active life.


Develop community and agency capacity to assure all people have the education and skills necessary to achieve future success.

TVCCA Board of Trustees

2016-2017 Officers

Chairman: Tony Madeira

First Vice Chairman: Debbie Kievits

Second Vice Chairman: Tammie Hullivan

Secretary: Wendy Yagarich

Treasurer: Steven Kelley

Group I: Public Officials and Their Representatives

Bill Eyberse – City of Norwich
Steven Kelley – Town of East Lyme
Kathleen McCarty – Town of Waterford
Kathleen Peck – Town of Montville
Eleanor Phillips – Town of Colchester
Leanne Theodore – Town of Stonington


Olive J. Buddington
Thurston Fields
Gayle Jones
Ronnie Krug
Thomas Manning
William Powers
Eunice M. Waller

Group II: Representatives of the Groups to be Served

Dan Falkenstein – Head Start Program
Tammie Hullivan – Little Learners Program
Debbie Kievits – United Community and Family Services
Sharon Stackpole – Head Start Program
Wendy Yagarich – Madonna Place

Group III: Other Groups and Interests

Franco Cristofaro – Eversource Energy
Aaron Daniels – Norwich NAACP
Audrey Leone – Doherty, Beals and Banks, P.C.
Tony Madeira – Center for Financial Training

Annual Budget

Our funding is primarily provided through seven Federal and six State sources; the towns and cities in our service area; local foundations; fees for service; and individual and business donations. Grants range in amounts from hundreds to millions of dollars. We furnish information and reports to all entities from which we receive funds. TVCCA is subject to an annual audit, which is available for public review upon request. We encourage you to make inquiries in the community regarding our integrity and our capacity to provide services. Figures below are based on 2014 audit information.

Funding breakdown