Who We Are

TVCCA is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency, which was incorporated in 1965. We are well recognized as a community leader - and partner - in advocating for and meeting the needs of the region’s economically and otherwise disadvantaged citizens.

Our Mission

The mission of Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc. (TVCCA) is to improve the overall well being of individuals and families in need within our service area by:

  • fostering self-esteem, respect, independence, growth, self-sufficiency and confidence;
  • promoting community awareness, input and ownership of societal problems; and,
  • providing a broad spectrum of comprehensive, quality services.

Our Accountability

We are local, friendly, flexible, and committed to quality. We believe that one’s reputation is based upon achievement, and are dedicated to finding ways to do what we do better.

We work diligently at developing positive, professional relationships with area municipalities, churches, educational institutions, private service providers, senior centers, businesses, and Federal and State agencies. Voluntarily or by mandate, TVCCA furnishes information and reports to the many entities from which it receives funds. We are subject to an annual audit, which is available for public review upon request.

Preferred Future

  • People are thriving. All people are valued, contribruting, and empowered members of our society.
  • TVCCA is a respected, results-oriented, innovative, (national) leader for anti-poverty solutions and a catalyst for community change.
  • Communities and their leaders recognize the value of all people. Communities are healthy, thriving, safe, affordable places for ALL people to live, grow, and play.