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Section 8/RAP

TVCCA is a partner in a state-wide Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. We manage the vouchers for families and individuals in Eastern Connecticut. This includes all of New London County and the area along the Rt. 395 corridor in Windham County.

What is Section 8?

Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides families and individuals with a housing subsidy to provide safe, affordable housing. The program utilizes scattered-site apartments available within the community, rather than housing everyone at one location. The rent paid by participants is determined by a formula that examines the households income, how many people are in the house and the cost of housing. Participants pay roughly 40% of their gross income toward rent. This is just a guideline and will vary from household to household.

What is the Connecticut Rental Assistance Program?

This state program was modeled after the federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. It is almost identical. The main difference is the RAP is funded with state dollars and Section 8 HVC is funded with federal dollars.

Can I apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and/or RAP Programs?

Currently, the waiting lists for these programs are closed and not accepting applications at this time.

Are You a Tenant?

The extremely high volume of calls to the Section 8/RAP office have created a need for a page of Frequently Asked Questions. The following information is specifically meant for participants in the Section 8 and RAP programs.

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1. What do I do if I want to add someone to my household?

You must notify the office in writing. Please send a letter or note to:

TVCCA Housing
01 West Thames St. Unit 201
Norwich, CT 06360-7155

Or you may fax the information to: 860-885-2738.

The housing programs are not concerned that someone is in your household but it is important that is be clear that your landlord has approved someone else moving in. It is also extremely important that all additional income that a new person brings into the household be counted. This will change your rent portion. It is also crucial that you request to add a new adult to your household before the person moves in. Any new household members must pass the same background checks that you had to pass before being issued a housing voucher.

2. What do I do if my income goes up or down?
All the changes in household income must be reported in writing, in fact, all changes that someone may want to report must be in writing to the above address or fax number listed in question 1.
3. Can I move even in my lease is not up yet?
The housing program expect that you will honor the terms of your lease, including the start and end dates. Should you need to move before the end of your lease, the programs require that you get a special form signed off by your landlord. Please note that you may face legal consequences from breaking your lease.
4. How often is my apartment inspected?
Each assisted apartment must be inspected at least once per year as part of your yearly recertification process. Should there be a problem with your housing, it is possible to request a special inspection.

Are you a Landloard?

The following information is intended for current participating landlords and those considering leasing to housing program participants.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) and the state funded Rental Assistance Program (RAP) provide housing subsidies to low and very low income families and individuals. As a landlord, you would receive part of the rent from the program and part from the tenant.

It is very important to note that Section 8 and RAP tenants are exactly the same as any non-assisted tenant. It is the landlord’s responsibility to screen all prospective tenants.

It is required that all assisted housing units be inspected before move in and then once per year as part of the annual redetermination process. This is a basic health and safety inspection conducted by Pat Kelson and Associates. Any failure items must be corrected before any rent can be issued.

As the operators of the program, TVCCA is responsible for scheduling the annual inspection, ensuring that the rental subsidy has been calculated properly and that the correct check is issued to the landlord. TVCCA in no way substitutes for the authority of the landlord or property manager.