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One person, YOU – can make a difference in the life of your neighbor and so many others!

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Though TVCCA receives the majority of our funding through state and federal grants, those funding sources cannot always keep pace with the immediate needs in our community. We rely on the support of the community in meeting the needs of our neighbors and friends. Your donation will help provide services that not only fulfill basic human needs, but also afford people like your neighbor the opportunity to acquire skills and training that enable them to become independent from the system.

some of the ways your donation may be put to work to help your neighbors in need:

Through the support of community members like you, TVCCA served more than 26,000 New London County children, families, adults, and seniors in 2013.

Meals for Seniors

Delivering hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors

Early Childhood Education

Giving a young child the educational start they need to be successful in life;

Pregnancy Aid

Ensuring that pregnant women have the nutrition and knowledge they need to have a healthy baby.

Employment Aid

Providing training opportunities and support services for job seekers;